Best Closed Captioning Jobs for Beginners

Closed Captioning Jobs for Beginners

Captioning is a critical part of the TV and movie industry. It allows the hearing impaired to understand what is happening in the show or movie, and it also helps people who are hard of hearing to follow along with the action on screen. 

The demand for captioning services keeps growing, so there are many opportunities for beginners to get started in this field. Here’s how you can become one yourself:

What are closed captioning jobs?

Closed captioning encodes speech and other audio information into text that can be displayed as subtitles or captions. It’s used to make video content more accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers, as well as anyone who wants to read along with the audio.

Captioning jobs are available in a variety of industries, including, the education sector, government, telecommunication, broadcasting, and media.

What skills do I need to be a captioner?

To be a captioner, you need to have good typing speed and attention to detail. You’ll also need excellent reading and writing skills as well as strong listening abilities. Finally, you should have good eyesight so that your captions are accurate and easy on the eyes.

Tools for closed captioning Jobs

The most important tool you’ll need for closed captioning is, of course, a computer. But there’s a little more to it than that. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for the right closed captioning job for you: Make sure you have the right software. There are a few different software programs that closed captioners use, so you’ll want to make sure you have the right one for the job you’re applying for.

Get a good pair of headphones. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to have a good pair of headphones so you can hear the audio clearly and make sure you’re captioning everything correctly.

Know your style guide. Different companies use different style guides, so it’s important to know which one your potential employer is using. This way, you can be sure you’re following all the rules and formatting the captions correctly.

Types of Closed Captioning Jobs Offline Captioning

You would be working with pre-recorded videos and providing captions for them. And finally, post-production houses typically caption movies and TV shows.

Offline Captioning

You would be working with pre-recorded videos and providing captions for them. And finally, post-production houses typically caption movies and TV shows.

Real-Time Captioning

As the name suggests, real-time closed captioning is done in real-time, which means you have to type fast!

This type of captioning is mostly used for events like conferences, webinars, and live broadcasts. It can also be used for movies, but that’s less common.

To do this type of captioning, you need to be able to understand the speaker and what they’re saying quickly and accurately. You also need to be able to type fast enough to keep up with the speaking.

How closed captioning works

You’ll get paid per word (or per minute) depending on what kind of project you do. The more complex the project, the better pay rate you’ll receive. If it’s a simple video caption, you might only get $0.10 per word or minute of work.

It’s totally up to you if you want to work full-time or part-time as a freelance worker. The best thing about this job is that it gives people who aren’t able to find full-time employment another opportunity to earn some extra income without having to move out of their house. Check out the search engine evaluator jobs here.

How Much Does a Closed Captioner Make?

The average salary for a closed captioner is $36,289 per year. In the United States, companies pay $15-20/hour. There is a high demand for captioning services in various industries like education and healthcare.

There are many reasons why people need captioning services. For one thing, it’s a great way to make extra cash while you work from home and enjoy your family. 

It also offers flexibility in scheduling and allows you to set your hours as well as take breaks whenever you need them.

Companies To Find Closed Captioning Jobs

Rev Captioning

Rev has climbed to become the number one speech-to-text service in the world.

While working for Rev what you need to do is Decide what you want to work on. Pick from a variety of educational videos, movies, TV shows, and more to caption and get paid weekly to receive a weekly payout via PayPal for all work completed.

Rev is flexible enabling freelancers to Choose their schedule. Work as much or as little as you want, whenever you want. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. The average salary is $1.50/minute for human-transcribed audio/video, as well as English Closed Captions.

Rev also provides transcription jobs. Click here to find out other transcription jobs with no experience at all.

Play Media

Play Media is a company specializing in providing closed captioning services that are tailored to the needs of modern businesses and content creators.

What sets Play Media apart is their focus on delivering not just accurate closed captions, but also on enhancing the overall viewing experience for all audiences.

Play Media’s streamlined processes and quick turnaround times ensure that you receive your closed captions promptly, allowing you to meet your content delivery deadlines with ease.

Daily Transcription

Based in Los Angeles, California, Daily Transcription is a transcription services provider serving academic institutions and businesses in the corporate, entertainment, and legal industries, including Fortune 500 companies.

Services provided by Daily Transcription include corporate transcription, academic and market research transcription, legal transcription, translation, and post-production transcription. The average Daily Transcription hourly pay is approximately $22 per hour.


Vitac was incorporated in March 1986 in Pittsburgh as American Data Captioning, Inc. Vitac could quite possibly be one of the most well-known closed captioning positions available, and while most of these jobs are in-house, the company does offer remote jobs on occasion.

The estimated total pay for a Captioner at VITAC is $19 per hour. The unique thing about Vitac is that you won’t be considered a contractor; rather, you will be hired on as an actual employee.  This can be looked at either as a plus or a minus to some.


Crowd Surf provides on-demand transcription and captioning services that make online media more accessible and enjoyable for deaf and hard of hearing as well as second language users. 

Crowdsurf works with thousands of independent transcriptionists, even if they have little or no previous experience.

The Easy tasks, working on your schedule and making a difference, and helping as the transcripts make videos accessible to the deaf. The estimated total pay for a Transcriptionist at Crowd Surf is $23 per hour.

Vanan Captioning

It’s a good company Founded based on a strong passion for delivering excellent services, Vanan brings customer satisfaction to a whole new level. 

Vana Captioning provides translation, transcription, captioning, subtitling, voice-over, typing & audio description services.

The flexible working time provides a great Work/Life Balance, and a friendly environment, and the Job Culture at Vana Captioning is tremendous and very vibrant enabling you to learn from different people around the world. 

Caption Media Group

Offers a perfect roll-up and pop-on offline captions in both English and Spanish, for Latin America and the US Hispanic market.

Caption Media Group works with your master tape or video file (tapeless encoding) in any of our supported formats. We can deliver a master tape with captions, a video file with captions, or a file to work directly with Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe’s Creative Suite NLE systems. The average hourly rate for Caption Media Group employees is around $28 to $36.


CaptioningStar is a leading provider of closed captioning services that are open to a wide range of industries. Their team is dedicated to delivering high-quality and accurate closed captions to make content accessible to all audiences.

Closed captions in more than 50+ languages Offered in a wide range of desired formats, styles, and templates, 18+ Formats. The average hourly rate for CaptioningStar employees is around $35 to $45.


HappyScribe is an innovative company that specializes in providing accurate and efficient closed captioning services. What sets HappyScribe apart is its high-performing technology, which utilizes advanced speech-to-text algorithms to deliver precise transcriptions and captions in multiple languages. This not only saves time but also ensures a high level of accuracy.

 It enables content creators to reach a broader audience by making their videos accessible to individuals with hearing impairments.


CaptionMax is known for its exceptional commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. The company prides itself on delivering accurate, high-quality closed captions that ensure equal access to content for individuals with hearing impairments.

The average CaptionMax salary ranges from approximately $51,444 per year for a Caption Editor to $51,444 per year for a Caption Editor. The average CaptionMax hourly pay ranges from approximately $25 per hour for a Caption Editor to $25 per hour for a Caption Editor.


We have seen that there is a high demand for closed captioning services in various industries. For this reason, you should consider becoming a captioner if you have the right skills and experience. If you’re looking for a way to make money from home, captioning is a great option. It’s also an easy way to earn some extra cash.

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