The Five Best Free Blogging platforms In 2021

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Free blogging platform

You may have a different reason to start a blog. Some of you want to share your idea with the world or provide your knowledge and experience to people in order to solve their problems.

but if your reason is to earn money or become a full-time blogger, I would strongly recommend not to start on free blog platforms rather begin with self-hosting. So if that is the case why do I write about free blogging sites?

Blogging is not a one-day achievement instead it is a long journey. Many people fail at blogging even if they have good writing skills as they don’t understand what a blog is?

The blog is to be positive. Share what you know without limit, have the courage to help people, able build virtual families that connect each other in emotion. You need to learn before you start.

That is why you need free blogging platforms to gain experience and also you can earn money on these free sites.

There are many free blogging platforms that are available, but it can be difficult to know which one will work best for your business. In this article, we’ve examined the major blogging platforms and provided some insight into their pros and cons


Linkedin blogging platform

You may have heard of LinkedIn as a social network like Facebook and Instagram. You are right, LinkedIn is a social network that focuses on creating relationship professionals with business owners.

Many freelancers have been using LinkedIn profiles as a resume to showcase their works and people go to LinkedIn to find professionals for business.  

However, nowadays it has become a destination for many bloggers. you can actually publish articles about any topics that you are interested in. you can get to publish articles at the bottom of your profile. 

Pros Connect to other bloggers who have experience in blogging and expand your network .since LinkedIn has a large audience which is more than 750 million members and most of its members are professionals and business owners, it will bring you a golden opportunity for your future career by showing your achievement and potential through your blog.



Medium is a platform where you can publish your posts for free. It is very popular! According to a similar web, Medium has 161 million visits in only one month. since most of its traffic comes from google organically, your blog post will get noticed by people rather than post on your own website. 

After you publish your posts, your articles are distributed to your followers and suggested to people who have the same interest in your topic. in addition to being found by people who use medium daily, you can also get traffic on google search if you write long and high-quality articles. 

Most bloggers use it to drive traffic to their websites. if you got enough experience on how to write what people love to read, you can even sign up for a medium membership program to earn money per view.


WordPress blogging platform

WordPress is powerful when it comes to blogging. Most websites are hosted by this free tool. most successful bloggers and digital marketers use this free blogging platform when they begin their blog journey.


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Access different themes
  • It is popular 


  • WordPress runs ads on your website
  • Not guarantee for ownership
  • Limited features




  • Free to use and user friendly platform
  • Since it is owned by google ,it easy to connect to google analytics
  • Has customizable templates
  • You can earn money from ad


  • Has not modern design and not up-to-date
  • Its template has limited features


tumblr blogging platform

Tumblr is used for both blogging platforms and social networking. It is an old version of blogging.it is totally free to blog. Although it is losing its popularity, it is a great place to get exposure as it enables users to share images like social media and write blogs at the same time.


If you want to get started with blogging but don’t have the space or money for a self-hosted blog, then you should give a try one of those free blogging platforms. with these awesome free blog platforms, you can get started with your blog today.

Whether you want to write about technology, health, or fashion, there is a blogging platform for it all. Which free blogging site did you like the best? let me know in the comment.

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