Get paid to download apps

get paid to download apps

Yes! We said it. GET PAID BY DOWNLOADING AN APP. It is real.
There are plenty of companies out there that are willing to pay new members to try them out.
p.s. It offers extreme flexibility and doesn’t require particular skills or experience.
In this blog, you’ll find the best opportunities to get paid by downloading apps.


Swagbucks is one of the best GPT sites out there, owned by Prodege. It Provides a versatile way to make money downloading apps and completing short online tasks, and it’s worth using. Available reward options include PayPal and gift cards. It has paid out cash and prizes for over $881,000,000.

It has a lot of opportunities and ways to earn, so let’s look into it.

1. Swagbucks paid surveys

It is a popular platform for companies that need to have surveys done to go, and that will lead to a good amount of survey opportunities.

2. A Cash-back when shopping

Swagbucks rewards (called SB = SwagBucks) when you shop online. These applies to thousands of online stores and includes brands like Gap, Nike, Amazon, and Walmart, so if you ever do online shopping, you will likely find some familiar shops here. And there is also cash-back for services and different local activities depending on where you live.

The cash-back you will get is between 1%-50%. Luckily, most companies give more than 1%, and you can make some good deals this way.

3. Searching the web

Swagbucks Search Engine is a section where you can go and search online. It also has it as an extension for Chrome browsers. If you are using this, you will get a chance to win rewards every time you search.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is owned by the same company that owns Swagbucks.
There’s also a $5 sign-up bonus, which is why it is an easy way to get paid by downloading apps.

Reward options include PayPal and a variety of gift cards. And you usually get paid within a few days of cashing out since this is a legit, massive rewards platform.
Since 2000, InboxDollars has paid over $80 Million in cash rewards to it’s member.

My points

My points is that it gives new members a free $10 Amazon gift card or prepaid Visa card as a welcome bonus. All you have to do is sign up, spend at least $20 on a cash-back shopping offer, and you get the gift.
Reward options also include more gift cards and free PayPal cash.


One of the leading Android gaming reward apps out there. And if you already spend time gaming on your phone every day, it’s one of the best ways to get paid by downloading games. Once you download and create a free Mistplay account, you select new mobile apps to download and play through the in-app games library.

Points can be exchange for several prizes, such as Amazon gift cards or prepaid Visa cards. However, there are different ways to earn points, and it’s important to know the different routes to maximize your earnings. Inviting your friends to Mistplay pays you a referral bonus of 100 Units, which is around $0.40-$0.50.

Grab points

The gift cards you can redeem are a bit limited, but you can choose to redeem cash instead of via PayPal. You only need to earn at least $5 to do so. Plus, Grabpoints is available globally.

Overall, it has decent earning potential ,and there are plenty of things to do every day. So, you won’t run out of ways to earn.

Sometimes a certain amount of activity is required before you get your reward, and other times you just have to download and start the app to get the reward.

Reward options: PayPal, Skrill, gift cards


FreeCash is available worldwide. It even claims the average user can earn $10+ per day completely for free.
These paid offers will usually ask you to either answer a survey or quiz, play a mobile game, download a mobile app, sign up for a site, and a lot more.
Reward options: PayPal, crypto, gift cards, and skins.


iRazoo provides reward programs, gift cards, and cash for watching videos, playing games, and answering surveys online.
It pays in points, and you can join iRazoo no matter where you live.


Rakuten pays new members $30 when they sign up and complete a qualifying shopping offer, so you can get paid to download this extension and app. Letting you earn cash back at brands like Best Buy, Macy’s, Target, and Walmart.
Rakuten pays members quarterly via check or PayPal as long as you have at lea

Feature points

Featurepoints let you redeem your points on a huge selection of gift cards including Amazon, PayPal, App Store, Xbox, PlayStation, Starbucks,Bitcoin, and many more.
You will be able to register regardless of where you live. what makes this site a good option is the steady number of earning opportunities you can do daily. These ensures that you can earn a decent amount regularly.
FeaturePoints has existed since 2012, and according to the site itself, it has since paid out more than $5,800,000 in rewards to its members.
Payout threshold: $5

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