Search Console – All You Need To Know [Beginner’s Guide]

Did you know that over 93% of website traffic comes from search engines? It’s essential for all businesses to have a presence on the most popular one Google. 

there is one free tool that enables websites found on google search results called search console. In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about Google Search Console formerly known as Webmaster Tools.

Search console is a free tool provided by Google that crawls and indexes webpages to help websites appear in Google search engines.it helps Google better understand your website and rank higher on search engines.


If you didn’t submit your website to the google search console yet, you are losing a lot of organic traffic since google will not crawl and index your website. It means it will not appear on search results when people type keywords to find what they are looking for.

Submitting website to search console has three steps

  1. Go to google search console and sign in
  2. Select property type whether Domain or URL prefix
  3. Verify your website

Basic features of google search console

you can access issues you may be having with your website. This tool is very helpful for SEO purposes because it allows you to find out how many pages are not indexed or face problems.

You can also find out which pages are not mobile-friendly, and which ones do not load properly.

important information about your website. It is designed to help you monitor and fix any issue Console can tell you what Google knows about your website, like the number of indexed pages, total clicks, and more. 

Let us see some features that you get on the search console


This section can help you understand how your website is performing on search results. this is going to give you all the information that you really need to figure out where to start to get higher rankings and to get more traffic from where your site is.


These are parameters in the performance section

  • Total clicks-tells how many times a visitor clicks on your site
  • Total impression-shows number of times a user saw your link on search engines
  • Average CTR-percentage of impression per click.it tells how pages that appear in search results convert to clicks.
  • The average position-average of position occurs in the search result. The small number of average CTR means keywords are performing well.

Queries Help you to know which search term generated impressions to your site. Which pages performed well and what pages need some more attention and optimization. and also shows which country and devices a user using.



URL inspection tool is used to know how well a specific URL is performed whether it appears in the google search results, indexed, crawled, or mobile usability.

It is important when we want to know about the single URL whether it is available on google search engine or not as it enables users to easily check a URL for a website.



The report will provide you basically which URL google has indexed successfully, with a list of the successful pages on Google, pages that have been indexed due to errors or excluded deliberately, and pages that are indexed but have got some issue.

there are four sections that go across the top coverage section

Error section

this one is going to tell you how many pages are not indexed because there is an error and it will not appear in search results.


Means everything is perfect so these pages are successfully indexed


this one is going to tell you which pages have been indexed but there’s an issue and Google wants you to know about it so you can fix the problem. 


It shows pages that are excluded from search results. that were intentionally not indexed.it may have so many reasons like duplicate content, not found URL, redirecting URL, crawl or discovered but not indexed


It is a site view Submitted to google which shows clearly pages and posts on the website. This helps Google index pages and easily know which page is more important.

If anything is wrong that Google notices. Google goes through your page and identifies which pages are indexed and which are not.


This section displays both external and internal links that point to your site. 

There are two links

External link

these are the third-party websites that are linking to your website. This report will help you understand exactly which website is linked to your site and give you a chance to contact them if you want to.

This information will help you better understand how important these third-party websites are for your SEO campaign, and which ones are worth the effort of reaching out to.

Internal link 

This shows what pages that are on your website are linking to other pages on your website.

It helps you to understand which pages are interconnected with each other, which pages have the most and least linked pages on your site.


It shows real data on your page performance both on mobile and desktop.


This section shows you issues on your mobile visitor or with specific mobile pages. See if Google thinks that we have any mobile usability issues like when texts are difficult to read and contents have wide space than the screen.

it points out the error and notifies us in this section to fix the problem.

Final thought

 If you are not using Google Search Console to manage your website’s performance, you are missing out on a lot of useful information about your site. Using the right tools will help businesses boost their exposure and increase profits. 

While Google Search Console has many uses, you can use it to analyze your site’s backlinks and keywords. By doing so, you will be able to uncover which content performs the best. You can also use this data to create new content that is optimized for search engines. 

Which other methods have you used to find your target audiences. let me know in the comment how the search console helps your site?

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