Where To Sell Feet Pictures: Get Paid for Your Feet

These days, we can make money online in ways that we wouldn’t expect. In many ways, selling pictures of feet online has been popular for a while now. This side hustle doesn’t require many things to do to get money which makes it an easy way to generate income. It is like being invited to make more use of what we naturally have, our feet. By just taking a picture of our feet and selling them online, we can make money, so let us see the details of it. 

How can we take pictures of our feet that are worth buying?

As long as we are selling images, no one would be interested to see a blurred or low-quality image. So we need to take high-quality and visually appealing pictures. There are some tips to help you with this.

The first thing is to take the photos in places with good lighting, after all our feet have to be visible enough to be sold. Second try using moisturizers like lotion and Vaseline to make your feet appealing. A dry or cracked skin won’t look so attractive for people to buy. Third, try taking different-angle photos so you have many options to choose from. Fourth, don’t use a background that could decrease the quality of your feet image or a background that distracts your buyers away from your feet. Fifth, use a little editing to enhance and increase the contrast of your feet picture but don’t use too much editing. With just these few steps, you can create an attractive image of your feet that can get you some money.

Here are apps that we can use to sell pic and make some money.

1. Instafeet

The first platform that you should check out if you are passionate about this sector, is Instafeet. If you are interested, Instafeet provides a space for you to sell your feet pictures. As a content creator, you can monetize your content and make money by doing what you are passionate about. As the art of foot fetish is an art to be experienced by its fans and shared, Instafeet provides you with a community where you can share and connect with like-minded people. 

To keep your workspace safe, you must respect personal boundaries and contents. If there is any breach in the comfortable environment, you can report it to get it fixed.

2. Feetify

An expert platform that connects foot picture sellers to buyers and that you should check out is Feetify. On Feetify, you get to create your profile, list your pictures, and interact with potential buyers to sell your content. This site provides an environment where your financial transactions are safe and get good exposure to your customers as well. 

What makes this platform different is that you also get seller support and guidance. With all the benefits packages that come with using this platform, you might face one problem: the platform has limited audience reach compared to other large platforms so the competition of selling might be high. 

3. Feetpics

A well-known platform to sell foot pictures that you should check out is Feetpics. This platform connects sellers with potential buyers. It also offers a user-friendly interface where you can create your profile, upload pictures, and manage your listings. One important feature that this platform provides is the auctions and private images which will help you to attract more buyers. 

On this platform, you can set your prices and negotiate directly with interested buyers which provides pricing flexibility. One feature that makes this platform is that buyers and sellers can share their experiences. Although this platform sounds attractive, one thing to notice is that it charges fees for certain features and transactions which might affect the profitability of selling your feet pictures. 

4. Wikifeet

Due to its dedication to fetishism, Wikifeet is an ideal platform for selling foot pictures. Once you create your profile and upload pictures, it will be rated and commented on by other users. As a user, you can offer exclusive content to those who pay for a subscription or sell individual pictures directly to buyers. 

One important thing to notice is that on this platform, it is better if you have a high-quality picture to increase your visibility and attract buyers. What makes Wikifeet different is that it does not allow explicit content and you must follow the platform’s guidelines. The fact that the platform is specifically designed for fetishism makes it more interesting to sell foot pictures

5. Zazzle

Zazzle is a custom online store where you can sell your products. It’s not specifically made for foot pictures, but you can still use it to make money off of them. You can create a store, upload your foot-related art, and sell them as prints or posters. There are more things you can do besides just selling photos though. The platform also allows you to create custom products like phone cases or mugs that feature your foot pictures. 

However, it’s important to keep the quality and appropriateness up to their standards. Even if the platform doesn’t have a targeted audience for this kind of stuff, it does give you a way to monetize it in other creative ways.

6. Instagram

As it has many purposes, Instagram’s specialty might not be in selling feet pictures but it sure can be used to showcase your feet pictures and attract potential buyers. To make the most out of it, it is important to set up a business account and use relevant hashtags to get more reach and get to a broader audience. Instagram comes with a great feature that it has an extensive user base with billions of active users. 

The flexibility of the platform allows you to create a visually attractive feed, and unique brand and engage more with the audience. You will be able to communicate and negotiate with interested buyers directly. As Instagram is a broad social media platform, it doesn’t offer much to increase the likelihood for buyers to buy your pictures. 

7. Printify

Printify is one of the ways to make extra money by selling your feet pictures. The platform also offers artists and photographers to showcase their work and reach out to the global audience. To use this platform, you have to create your profile and upload your pictures first. Then choose your high-quality feet picture. Printify offers many ways for you to showcase your picture on canvas, posters, and phone cases. After creating your product, you can share it on different platforms to get buyers.

8. Etsy

A platform with a different and unique opportunity to sell your feet pictures online is Etsy. Etsy is special because it allows you to sell your feet pictures as digital downloads. An additional benefit of Etsy is that it is a well-established platform with a large customer base which will enable you to increase your chance of reaching potential buyers.

This will also allow you to create your brand and customize your shop. You can also offer other products related to feet and also photos as packages. A challenge to selling foot pictures can be that it is not specialized for feet specifically so there might be competition and also Etsy charges for transactions and listings. If you choose Etsy as your platform to sell foot pictures, note that you should abide by its rules and guidelines to be able to sell your foot pictures.

9. Cragslist

Craigslist is well known for its work as a digital marketplace for classified ads. It connects buyers to goods and services that are found in their local communities. For the past 28 years, it has been a center for goods and services and better yet also ideal for you to sell foot pictures. The feature that Craiglist connects you with your local community is great because it will allow you to have in-person transactions and payments easily. 

As Craiglist is known for selling, buying, and renting a wide range of visitors so your foot picture will reach out to potential buyers easily. Craigslist is also known for its interesting user-friendly interface which makes it easy for you to upload your pictures easily. A downside of Craigslist is that some reports that transactions might be scams have been reported. 

10. Tik Tok

Even if it is not a direct platform to sell foot pictures, TikTok has been a platform that has been getting more and more attention every day. Since TikTok can be used for a variety of content, it is a good platform to create content about your feet and share. Furthermore, you can add your email to your profile or link your viewers to other platforms where you sell your feet pictures. For maximum exposure, it is better if you use relevant and appropriate hashtags to reach out to your potential buyers. 

Even if TikTok has a huge user base, your content might be removed or not released if it is inappropriate. Since TikTok has a massive number of content creators, it is important to tag videos well to reach potential buyers of your content. The downside of TikTok is that you need another platform to send the content directly and also receive payments after selling your foot pictures. 

Final Thought

In conclusion, if you are looking for a way to make money as a side hustle, selling your feet pictures might be the right fit for you. With all these interesting platforms offering various features to make the selling steps easier for you, selling foot pictures has been trending these days. With just a few pictures of your feet, you can reach out to buyers and make money online. So why wait while you can give it a try now?

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