How To Start Affiliate Marketing – Step By Step [Beginner’s Guide]

Full Guide to Start affiliate marketing through these steps start from choosing a niche to getting traffic

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Guide to Start affiliate marketing

If you’d like to build a sustainable online business with little or no investment at all, affiliate marketing is your choice. nowadays entrepreneurs focus on affiliate marketing since it is effective to lead sales and generate revenue.

According to Statista,$8.2 billion will be expenses on affiliate marketing in the U.S by 2022. This tells how business owners use affiliate marketing as a marketing tool.

It is one of the easiest ways to make money online since you don’t need inventory to store a product and do not have to deal with customer is simply promoting other products and getting paid.


Affiliate marketing is promoting someone’s product or service, and getting commissions when people buy a product or sign up for their service through your special link.


There are three types of people that are involved in affiliate marketing, vendors who own a product, affiliates who promote a product, and buyers.

As an affiliate, our work is to actually search for a product. When we find the product we want then sign up for the affiliate program.

Then we get our unique affiliate link and that unique link that we’re gonna get is like the link that when anybody technically a buyer clicks the link and makes a purchase we actually get money as a commission.


Affiliates are paid per referral based on the amount of the affiliate program. for instance, the product is 100$ with a 25% commission. you will get 25$ per referral.



Almost all companies in each industry that are doing anything online I mean that have any product especially digital products you know they are doing have affiliate programs.

There’s a lot of different best tools better than ever to speed up your affiliate sales.

If you understand what affiliate marketing is , let’s explore the steps to start affiliate marketing.


In which topics are you passionate about and have knowledge?

The first thing that you’re going to want to think of when you go through this journey is what niche am I going to choose to promote the product.

To be a successful affiliate, you need to pick a niche topic that you love or specialize in. Being an expert in one specific topic enables you to provide quality content to your target audience.

This makes people believe in you and develop trust in your content and the product you recommended.

Choose a niche that you’re interested in and have enough knowledge. because if you’re just going to choose a niche only to make money then guess what you’re not going to make any valuable content and when people don’t see the value they’re not going to follow you.

they’re not even going to care what you post so choose a niche that you’re passionate about which you can keep uploading 

These are some niches to choose

  •  Health
  •  Gaming             
  •  Financial
  •  Make money online (Digital Business)
  • Music        
  •  Real Estate 
  •  parenting
  •  Fitness
  •  Fashion
  •  Travel


After you’ve picked a niche, the second step is to find out which affiliate program or affiliate network to join and this is where you find products you can sell or link to and make commissions from. 

There are two ways to find affiliate programs.

The first way – you can either type the product that you want to promote directly on google. then go to the products website and signup for an affiliate program.

For example -To promote weight loss products

Search weight loss “affiliate program” on google

weight loss affiliate program search on google

Click websites that are listed, after you get a website that offers affiliate, then sign up to their affiliate programs. most of the time affiliate offers are found in the right top corner of websites.

weight loss affiliate program search on google

The second way –  join affiliate networks. this one is the simplest way.

Affiliate networks are platforms that connect affiliates and business is a marketplace where product creators offer their product or services and affiliates pick a product based on their interest to promote.

It is simple and effective as you can get different products in one place and they can take care of all payment processes. although some networks are country restricted and ask high criteria.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

These are the best affiliate networks to join

  • Click bank
  • Amazon associate
  • Jvzoo
  • Warrior plus
  • Shareasale

Among these networks, jvzoo and warrior plus are available all over the world and do not need experience.

How do these affiliate networks work?

All affiliate networks have the same procedure

  • First, sign up to affiliate networks
  • choose offers to promote and get approved
  • get a special affiliate link for each offer


Choose a platform where you can get followers that buy products. the most effective way is to start a blog or YouTube.

Here’s the secret in affiliate marketing the amount of money you make will be proportional to the number of people who follow you and the audience you have on your social media platform.

that is the reason why you need to choose a platform that you’re comfortable with and I will speak about what I mean by comfortable.

some of you might not be comfortable in putting out your videos or putting up your face well you can literally do reviews on the blog.

Since affiliate by itself means personal Recommendation, it is great to build relationships and trust with the audience.

Even if you are not comfortable with a blog or website, you can still make a decent amount of money from affiliate marketing without having a website.

You can use forums like Quora and Reddit, or harness the power of social media.


Creating great content is gonna take a major part in your entire affiliate marketing journey because if you’re making content that does not provide value or does not engage your audience or does not make your audience trust you.

then there is no way they’re gonna first even click on the link to buy anything from you.

Most buyers purchase a product after research so your content must be informative to tell what will they benefit from if they buy a product.


How do people find your affiliate links?

You have to promote on social media, write high-quality content that reaches high SEO, and build an email list.

You can also get traffic through guest blogging, social media posts, and other sources.


Follow all steps, learn everything you can, expand your community network and provide content what people love, that’s the secret number one in this whole game.

You will be able to generate a good income just from affiliate marketing alone if you follow the right strategy and choose a niche that fits with you.

If you have any question about affiliate marketing, don’t hesitate to put on the comment section. I am ready to address all of your questions.

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