Eight Best Ways To Monetize A Blog

best Ways To Monetize A Blog are 1. Advertisement· 2. Sell eBook 3.freelance 4.Affiliate marketing 5.Membership6sell online course

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Monetize A Blog

Once you get enough traffic to your blog, you need to plan how to monetize it. Actually, there are so many ways to monetize your blog or website.it depends on the experience and knowledge you have on your niche, the behavior of your audience, and the time you have.

In this article, we’ll look at eight ways that will enable you to generate a good income


One of the common methods of monetizing a blog is through advertisement. you can earn money by displaying ads on your blog. Every time people visit your website then you get a payment from the ad network you choose to partner with. if you are a beginner, you can start with Google AdSense.

but, you should know that to be approved by Google AdSense

  • You will need a lot of traffic to make a significant income
  • Meet their requirement
  • Write original content

If you are completely beginner and have no enough visitors try these ad networks

  • Ad cash
  • Propeller ads

They are best for beginners and will automatically approve your website without any requirement

Email marketing Strategy

Another way to earn money from your blog is email marketing.it is an effective way, send emails directly to your sign-up lists about new products or content. Subscribers already have an interest in the topics that you are writing and products that you are selling since they have already expressed an interest when they signed up.

By building a strong bond and a connection with your readers, you can effectively generate money by selling your own products and services. Promote other products directly through email.

Make money from your blog By Selling eBook

Throughout your blogging journey, you get dozens of knowledge, especially in your specific niches. so why don’t you write them in an electronic book?

Turn your knowledge and experience into e-books. for instance, To get traffic to your blog, you will use different techniques like SEO, guest post or social media.so you have enough knowledge on how to get traffic to the blog. you can guide your audience and tell your experience that helps readers learn a new skill.

If you’re teaching a skill that many people want, it’s likely that the eBook will produce a high profit.

Monetize by Selling Your Own Online course

Most bloggers get money by teaching other bloggers how to blog, SEO, and Social marketing.

Selling digital online courses will double your income from blogging. Develop informative and helpful courses that add value.

Affiliate Marketing

You can start affiliate marketing on your blog even if you have small visitors. when you are a beginner, you will not have your own product to sell, enough traffic to earn money from ad revenue.

All you have to do is promote other products through blog posts. when people click on the affiliate link and buy a product, they get a commission.

Build community by providing quality content on your niche and once you have an audience, you can find products from affiliate networks like:

  • Amazon associate program
  • Click bank
  • Warriorplus
  • Jvzoo


another way to make money from your blog is to become a freelance writer for blogs in your niche.

keep in mind you will have experience and knowledge in the niche that you are writing about, so why not turn your talent to money by freelancing.

Business owners will not have enough time to write blogs, optimize content, and others. you can solve the problems of your audience with your talent.

Sponsorship Posts

Sell your ad space to private advertisers. most bloggers use sponsored posts when they start getting a lot of traffic to their blog.


Creating a membership program is another business model for bloggers. provide content for only members that sign up for the program which others can not access and in return they pay for membership monthly or annually.

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