WordPress Interface – All You Need To Know [Beginner’s Guide]

WordPress is one of the most website builder which powered more than fifty percent of website. WordPress interface is easy to navigate

WordPress is a popular content management system that powers more than 60 million websites. WordPress offers several different ways to customize the interface, including via themes, widgets, and shortcodes. 

Themes are pre-made designs for your website’s look and feel. Widgets are drag-and-drop tools that let you add menus, social media links, sidebars, etc., to your site. Shortcodes are text snippets that let you format text in various ways so you don’t have to know

These all things are found on the WordPress dashboard. It is important to know what is inside the WordPress dashboard and its use if you are considering blogging or web designing for an online project. It is the main software where all of your blog posts and website will be published.

Basic WordPress Dashboard Interface

Posts and media

Posts are site contents that may be news or information on specific topics which can add value to your audience and give you opportunities to create a strong bond with your audience.

You can create posts daily or weekly and share them on social media or send them directly to emails through services like MailChimp.

Media is used to import and organize images.


A blog can have a simple, one-page design or it can have a complex layout with multiple pages. How you layout your blog will depend on its purpose and your writing style.

If your blog is going to contain a lot of different categories, then you might want to have a page for each category. If you’re going to post a lot of recipes then it will be beneficial to have a page dedicated just to recipes. You can then add links from that page to other posts that contain more information about the subject, such as how to eat healthily, how to save money when cooking and so.

These are important pages; they must be included in any website.

  • Privacy policy

It is one of the important things to have in your business. You should write a detailed section on how you are going to protect your user’s privacy. Also, give an example of how you are going to use the data.

  • About us

A great way to get your website out there is to create an about us page. It’s a perfect place for you to talk about your business, team, and background. People love finding out interesting facts about the company they’re dealing with, and this is a perfect way to introduce yourself and show that you care.

If you’re thinking about creating an about us page, here are some key things to remember:

  • Contact us

It is another important page that helps visitors easily contact you for business inquiry, to write an article on particular topics or advertising opportunities.

  • Legal disclaimers

Disclaimers are found on many company websites. The purpose of a disclaimer is to protect the company from legal liability. They are not very interesting, but they are necessary. There are three basic types of disclaimers:


This is the most important section which everything has to do with the look and feel of your website. This determines how your website look like contains Theme, widgets, menu and customize

  • Widget-simple content which can be added to your sidebar, header, or footer
  • Menu- makes a website easily navigated. a website that is easy to navigate allows users to explore the content with relative ease.
  • Theme-is front template of your website
  • Customize is where you can add and edit a Header, sidebar, and footer.


The plugin is software that can be added and work collaboratively with existing software. They give additional features.

For instance, you may want to backup your content so you need additional software to backup your content to add your plugin go to plugin>add new 

These are examples of  plugins that I use for my website

  • Elementor

It is a website builder- you can create beautiful pages and posts that are responsive by easily dragging and dropping.

It is an  SEO plugin that helps you optimize your website and write SEO-friendly blog posts.  

It makes websites easily visible in a search engine by optimizing your keyword and content.

It is WordPress google analytics that gives you reports about your website.  Google Analytics is a website analysis tool that enables you to get reports on your website.

The latest report from your website’s Google analytics gives you valuable insight into your website’s performance.

  • Mobile Menu

 Make your mobile user visitors easily access your site content

  • Updraft Plus – Backup/Restore

A service that backs up your files, restoring them if they’re lost or damaged.

You can backup files using updraft plus to different external storage devices (for example, to iCloud or Dropbox)

  • WP File Manager 

To manage and move your WordPress files from one place to another.


Export section

In this section, you can export your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags.

Import section

Quite often, bloggers can import posts easily from other blogging platforms; however, the key to the success of importing past blog posts is to make sure that your blog meets certain objectives.

You can import posts easily from other blogging platforms like Tumblr to your website in the import section.


In this section, you can set up a writing format, the number of posts on one page, manage comments and permalinks(URL structure of blog posts).

Final thought

WordPress is a powerful platform that allows users to create blogs, websites, and e-commerce stores. The WordPress dashboard has many tools that can come in handy for managing these different projects. It’s flexible, powerful, and easy to use. If you are thinking about using WordPress to begin writing your blog, but aren’t sure where to start, this guide should help you on your way. 

These basic tools enable you to manage your WordPress website and take advantage of all the useful features found within the Dashboard. 

If you have any questions regarding the WordPress dashboard, let me know in the comment.

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