Ten Powerful YouTube Tools To Growth Your Channel [2024]

Use these YouTube Tools to beat YouTube algorithm

Have you ever realized that some YouTubers get exposure in only three months while others struggle for years without result and finally give up?

You may think successful YouTubers are more talented and committed than me

It is not working anymore!

The digital world, especially on YouTube, has many opportunities to showcase your talent if you choose the right niches that fit and tools that help you create better content.

Uploading only videos on YouTube will not make you successful on the platform. Using the right strategy and tool is important.

Choose the right tool will help you create engaging and quality video, speed your channel growth and save a lot of time,

In this article, I will share tools to create quality videos and YouTube optimization. Before we dive into tools, let me share points that make your YouTube video viral. This leads to getting more subscribers and views.

  • YouTube Optimization – YouTube is the second largest search engine next to google. People type keywords on YouTube  to get what they are looking for so you need to be found easily when people are searching about your topic. using the right keyword ,tags and brief description will help you to optimize your video.

            How do you optimize your video? we will see later

  • Quality is king and queen – take time to create quality content that adds value to viewers.it increases returning audience and permanent customers. keep in mind people come to your channel not to help you rather to learn something new and acquire knowledge. 
  • Engagement – answer all comments as much as you can ,ask your audience in the community post what type of video they are interested in and ask your viewers to subscribe and like as the algorithm gives credit to engagements . 
  •  Graphics – make it attractive your YouTube channel art ,profile and thumbnail.

             let’s get started

1 .VidiQ

A VIDIQ is a tool certified by YouTube and it helps you grow your YouTube channel. it gives a full analysis of your video and competitors.

Vidiq homepage

Here are some important things you will get in the video

  • It allows keyword analysis.by typing keywords on search bar you can easily know how many peoples are searching for a given keyword and related keywords per month, measure its competition on search result and reveal how attractive your keyword is. You can get this feature also on the free google extension version. 

keyword analysis on vidiq

  •    It gives daily ideas which you can use to create content and suggest the best time to post
  • It shows how many subscribers ,views ,comments you got and it points out how your audience found you in one dashboard. You can also access your viewer’s demography and age.
  • let you know YouTube channels that are in the same niche with you that your audience are also watching. you use this advantage by analyzing how your competitors are performing since video gives you deep analysis about them like keywords or tags they use.

2 .Tube Buddy

This tool is also powerful to optimize content. It is actually deliver same service with its competitor  vidiq but different how it works.

  • It shows you how many people are searching for and the competition volume of keywords on YouTube. you can pick low competition with high search volume keywords that have a potential to rank on YouTube.
  • It has a testing tool that measures your titles, tags, thumbnails, and description so you can choose high-performing parameters.
  • It gives you deep analysis of others’ videos best practice on the algorithm like add end screen ,thumbnail quality ,share on social media and tags they use.

Install the free chrome extension If you want to unlock enhanced analytics, you can upgrade to pro started from 7.20Tubebuddy homepage

3 .Canva

People will tend to click your video if you have attractive thumbnail. This increases your view and recommendation on the algorithm.

To make this happen, You can use a free graphic design tool called canvas.

Canva is a free graphic design software where you can create eye-catching YouTube thumbnails ,banners ,logos and videos.

The best part of the canvas is there are dozens of ready-made templates for each category like YouTube banner ,social media post or logos.

It is free to use. but you will access special features on the pro version which is $12.95 per month like resize and brand customization.

Canva homepage

4 .Vynod

If you want to start a faceless YouTube channel or online course, VYOND is recommended tool.

VYOND is a video creation platform that allows you to create high standard animation and engaging videos.

Vynod homepage

You can use it when you want to create training videos ,guide on how to do things ,explain things in a visualization way.

5 .Pixabay

Pixabay homepage

This website is wonderful to get high-quality royalty-free images. Pixabay has more than 1.5 million high-quality free images to download.

It is totally free to download and to use for commercial purposes. You don’t need to give credit to creators or have copy-right issues.

I recommended this website to get free stock images , videos ,music ,sound effects for your video. their quality is amazing.


Social Blade is a free website that most YouTubers use to see their competitor channel analytics.

Just by typing channel name on the search bar ,you can see estimated monthly earning ,statistics ,number of subscribers ,similar channels and others on particular channels.

brian dean channel analytics in social blade


You can make videos by integrate animations and photos which you can get on the biteable library.

Biteable homepage


SEMrush gives full information about keywords that many people are searching for.

Semrush Homepage


Shows you content that performs well related to your niche. This will help to decide on which content to focus on.

Buzzsumo Homepage


What app do you use to record your computer screen?

obs studio

If you have never used OBS before, you missed a fantastic tool.it is a free and open-source tool that is used to record screen and streaming.

even famous gaming YouTubers use these tools to record their screen while they are playing.it is also used for live stream events on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube.

You saw a few of the best YouTube tools available in the market in this article. Now I want you to experiment and find out the ones that fit your channel’s requirements.

Now, I would like to hear from you in the comment section about what other tools you are using.

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