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With the ongoing process of our world taking, it may seem difficult to grasp the opportunities that come through the way and make money right where you are. You may also feel like a child who is left behind. But don’t worry about a data entry job, you can join and explore the world of Work-From-Home opportunities with no experience at all.

What is Data Entry?

Data entry is a type of clerical job that involves using various processes like typing and recording by entering input data or information into a computer system from different sources. It is a process of transferring information from analog format to a digital format. Data entry works can occur across a variety of sectors such as healthcare, finance, retail, education, insurance and transportation.

Every company of all sizes needs to perform some data entry tasks which are necessary for management and organization. Nowadays, companies are outsourcing data entry to external partners to help them by providing such services since it takes a lot of time to handle. So there are more chances for you to use your skill and get paid for it.

Types of Data Entry

The two main groups are offline and online data entry jobs are

Offline data entry: it is done without the need for internet connection such tasks are filling forms offline.

Online data entry: is the process of entering, editing and updating online databases.

What are the roles of a person who works in Data Entry jobs?

Roles and responsibilities one can have to work in a data entry job are:

–      Transfer data from paper formats into computer files or database

–      Type in data provided directly from clients or customers

–      Prepare and sort documents after entering the data

–      Update existing data

–      Checking to ensure the accuracy of the data

–      Review data to errors and redundancies

Skills required to be a Data Entry Clerk

In fact, beginner level jobs with no prior experience in the data entry field are available everywhere but by working on the skills below, you can build a resume that stands out from the crowd when applying in different companies.

Basic skills one need for Data entry job

–          Fast typing skill

–          Effective verbal and written communication skill

–          Great attention to detail

–          High level of concentration

–          Basic software and computer knowledge

How much can a person earn by working in Data Entry jobs?

The salary for a freelance data entry clerk may vary based on the experiences on hold and the company they work for, but the average salary ranges from $35,014 up to $42,827 per year.

There are different work-from-home opportunities other than data entry like proofreading jobs, click on the link for further information.

Companies that are hiring a Data Entry clerk

1. Oworkers

Oworkers is a Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) firm specializing out there that provides data entry services, outsourcing with validation and categorization. Their service helps companies to enrich, type or re-type, transform, convert, annotate, moderate, categorize, validate any kind of data and contents.

If you are looking for data entry job opportunities, Oworkers is an amazing place to start.

2. Executive tracks association (ETA)

Executive tracks association is a leading executive search, leadership, consulting and HR technology firm. ETA took the first step in launching a talent marketplace for Business Experts, UpKonnect and Talent-Pro Finder – a first of a kind cloud-based system which helps in collaborative and seamless working for talent acquisition teams and executive search firms.

Contact them and enjoy their package to work remotely as a data entry clerk.

3. Datainox

Datainox is one of the prominent companies, consistently managing a variety of fields of outsourcing work since 2009 providing a complete range of both offline and online data entry services, data processing services, data conversation and other solutions.

They pay from 125,000 up to 425,000 INR, so check out to start your opportunities to work.

4. Task virtual

The top rated virtual assistant companies that bring you a complete range of virtual assistance services remotely from every corner of the world.

Task virtual provides services such as data management, IT technical supply, content writing, digital marketing services. Don’t hesitate to visit their website.

If you are interested in virtual assistance jobs, there are several companies which are ready to hire, so visit their website using the link.

5. Uniquesdata

Uniquesdata is a well-known and professional data management company providing comprehensive data entry and data management services to numerous industries since 2009 based in India. They are dedicated in providing scanning and indexing as well as web search services.

Take the advantage of working from home with Uniquesdata.

6. StaffSource

An award-winning recruiting, staffing and consulting firm, StaffSource offers temporary and temp-hire positions specializing in staffing engineering, accounting, finance, administrative and professional positions.

They are looking for folks nationwide who can work in data entry and typing. They offer you to join the flexible work from home remote job position which will allow you to work while spending quality time with your family.

7. Label your data

Label your data is a data annotation service provider with over 10 years of experience. The group works with all types of data (image, videos, documents, sensor fusion data, text, and audio) and modes of annotation for the highest scalability and adaptability. It offers flexible data annotation and labeling services to meet the demand of your machine training projects.

It took part to participate in various multiple industries including agriculture, retail, robotics, e-commerce, healthcare.

8. Axion data

The other company that offers data entry jobs is Axion Data Services. They provide a comprehensive range of high-quality and cost-effective data entry services with timely deliveries and total secrecy.

You can join the team, by applying to their website and contributing your skill to decrease the administrative burden surrounding data entry services of their clients and get paid.

9. Aston Carter

Aston Carter is a privately-held company founded in 1997. It is a workforce solutions company delivering world-class staffing services and innovative offerings to thousands of clients all around the world.

They provide expert talent services to client companies and challenging business careers to job candidates, so enjoy this remote-friendly opportunity as a data entry clerk.

10. Dogwood Alliance

Founded in 1998, Dogwood Alliance is a non-profit environmental services organization to protect forests and communities in the American South from destructive industrial logging. It’s headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina. The main objective of the company is to address and raise awareness about this large-scale deforestation happening on U.S. soil, which threatens natural habitats.

They are offering a freelance data entry clerk position, visit their website to apply for it.


These are the ten companies that are hiring data entry clerks, so enjoy these opportunities as they knock on your door to explore the remote world as a data entry clerk. Get some cash flowing by developing the required skill and start working right away.

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