Best Voice Over Jobs For Beginners [ 2021]

voice over jobs for beginners


Do you want to earn money from your voice?

It is possible to find best voice over jobs for beginners. As the digital world expands its horizon, it brings so many opportunities for those who want to make money from their comfort home.

One of these blessings of luck is people can make money by recording their voices while reading ready-made scripts.

It’s amazing, right? You need only voices. no matter how beautiful your voice is, there are a lot of characters that will match your voice.

Have you ever realized where voices come from in cartoon films or video games, faceless YouTube videos, and podcasts?.it is from voice artists.

If you are wondering how you can be a voice artist and where to find voice over jobs for beginners? this article is for you.

What Are Voice Over Jobs?

The type of job people gets paid for recording their voices. the task requires recording audio by reading scripts with emotion that can create real images of what is inside the script.

Voices you hear in documentaries, audiobooks, tv shows, video games, podcasts, some faceless YouTube videos, and adverts are all done by voice artists.

What equipment do you need for voice-over work?

To get started, you need some equipment that records your and brings high-quality outputs.

You need microphones to record and headphones to hear while you speak.it is recommended to use a mic stand to feel comfortable and have audio editing software. you can use audacity which is free and easy-to-use audio editing software. 

What Skills Do You Need For Voice Over Jobs?

Skill to act – Voiceover is the acting voice. first, you need to understand what the script needs to transfer to people. then act like the characters you are playing with deep emotion.

Reading ability– voice-over is not only about reading and recording.it needs practice on how reading speed should be, where it needs gap in order to create natural and friendly sound.

Confidence – There is no need for frustration while you work freelancing voice-over. think of yourself like you are talking to your friend or family in real life. 

How Much Do Voice-Over Artists Get Paid

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for a Voice Over Artist in the United States is $64,012 year. and the average range for voice-over talent is about $31 per hour.

Generally, the amount of money you can earn depends on job type, experience, and marketing strategy.

It has a big difference in the pay rate of voiceover on YouTube and on tv commercials. you’d obviously earn a great deal more for lending your voice to a commercial or TV project than you may for selling voice talent to YouTube videos.

Therefore, voice-over acting jobs from home can get lucrative if you know how to network and market yourself. In the beginning, you’ll spend most of your time auditioning for projects. But as you build yourself up, gain more experience, and put together an impressive portfolio, there’s a good chance of earning good money from it.

Are voice-over jobs in demand?

With the increasing popularity of podcasts, audiobooks, video content marketing, and e-learning, the demand for voiceover is increasing.

Where To Find Best Voice Over Jobs For Beginners From Home

The Below listed websites provide voice-over jobs. It is the best place to Monetize your voice.

1. Voice Bunny

Bunny Studio is a website that connects voiceover artists with clients. You may need a basic voice-over skill in order to pass their test.

Once you passed the test and get approved, you can set up your profiles with sample gigs that showcase your work.

Clients will check your profile and sample work. They will offer you a job if they like you.

2. Filmless

Filmless is not a platform dedicated to voice-over jobs but it delivers professionally made videos to clients. These videos usually need good voice actors for the background, hence that’s how you come into the picture.

3. Snap Recordings

Snap Recordings provides professional voice-over recordings for business telephone systems from directories to voicemail.

Companies provide their preferred script for their business phone recordings, and a voice-over artist then reads the script, and the finished recording is provided back to the client. It’s easy and simple.

The application process is extremely easy for Snap Recordings. It is a short form that you fill out as well as provide your demo reel.

One thing that makes Snap Recordings a little different is that they want to know what languages you speak as there are opportunities to record in languages other than English.

4. Backstage

Backstage is a popular casting company that supplies voice-over talents to Disney, HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Studios. So if you are looking for voice-over talent jobs online in the entertainment industry, Backstage is an excellent option.

Backstage has been in the industry for the past six decades, so it’s become one of the trusted go-to platforms for casting talents. Right now, there are over 260,000 creators looking for talents, while there are over 7 million talents who are subscribed to this service. Thousands of new roles are posted on the site each week.

To join Backstage and start to get paid for voiceovers, simply sign up and create a profile. Find voice-over jobs that interest you and audition for the role. Unfortunately, the rates for voice-acting roles are not disclosed on the website.

5. Mandy Voices

Mandy Voices is like a massive community where you can look for voice-over jobs and network to connect with other professionals. It is part of the Mandy Network and primarily caters to voice-over jobs in the entertainment industry, such as TV and film. They have over 600,000 creatives on their network.

It looks like Mandy Voices offers quite a comprehensive listing of voice acting roles with its massive employer directory. The website says their job listings are updated every month, often amounting to 6,500 new jobs. You’ll also receive tailored alerts of jobs that match your skills, as well as the opportunity to network with fellow voice-over professionals.


Voquent is an online voice-over agency based in the UK. It takes pride in hiring only vetted and professional voice actors, so having previous experience as a voice-over talent is a must. Additionally, you need to have access to a professional recording studio to join the ranks of voice-over actors in Voquent.

Voquent caters to various voice acting needs, including but not limited to video games and animation, e-learning, corporate presentations, TV and online commercials, and more.

If you’d like to become a voice actor on Voquent, you can sign up on their website for free. Make sure to send in your demos and set your rates. Each project will have different rates, based on the length of the material, usage, and how the script is read.

The above-listed website provides voice-over jobs that you can do from home and earn at least $100 per hour. But the only condition is, you must have a very high-quality voice and you can deliver scripts very efficiently with emotions so that there should be a feeling in your voice. And most of the websites work well for you if you get a premium membership. 

Freelance Voice Over Jobs

7. Fiverr

Looking for voice over jobs can be a tough gig. There are a lot of platforms out there, and it can be hard to know where to start. But as a beginner Fiverr is a great place to find voice over jobs.

Fiverr is a platform that connects businesses with freelancers who can provide a variety of services, including voice over work. And the great thing about Fiverr is that it’s easy to use and you can find a variety of voice over jobs all in one place.

So if you’re looking for voice over work, be sure to check out Fiverr. With a little effort, you’re sure to find the perfect job for you.

8. Upwork

With thousands of voice-over jobs posted every month, you have high possibility to find the perfect fit for your skills and experience on Upwork.

Not only that, but Upwork makes it easy to get started with just a few simple clicks. You can create a profile, upload your demo reel, and start applying for jobs all in one place. 

9. Freelancer.com

freelancer.com has a variety of voice over jobs available, from commercials to e-learning. And with convenient search filters, you can easily find jobs that are a good fit for you. 

Final Thought

NOTE:- So this job is only for serious candidates who really want to become a voice-over actor and are ready to invest some money to get started.

I hope you find this article informative. Please don’t forget to share this article and comment below if you also have tried voice-over acting jobs before.

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