Ways To Earn Free Gift Cards & Amazing Deals

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You probably know that you can earn gift cards as rewards for shopping, browsing, and social media activities. You may even know about hacky tricks like buying a gift card or signing up for membership programs that offer free cards as an incentive to shop there.

In fact, you might already have your own tips on how to get free gift cards. But if you’ve been struggling to find ways to actually earn them, we’ve got great news for you. This article will give you 9 ideas on how to earn free gift cards with real actions rather than trickery. You won’t have to invest money or give away personal information in exchange for a card or code. Instead, these are effective ways to get rewarded for the things that you’re probably doing anyway. You can also see non-phone jobs to make extra cash.

Use cash-back apps

Installing cash-back apps to buy suitable products is one of the easiest ways to get free gift cards. TopCashBack, Rakuten, shopkick and more are easy to use apps that give you the chance to earn “cash” back on purchase, which you can receive in the form of gift card or actual cash back. 

All the gift card balances live within Cash App and they are available to use instantly with a Cash Card. The Cash Card will provide you the reward as cash back, points and miles. Since this will make it suitable for you to get free gift cards, changing your shopping habit to this kind is the first step you have to take on.

Transfer a transcription

The other way to earn a gift card is to transfer your prescription from one pharmacy to another. This is done when you give the new pharmacy the names of all the medication you want to transfer, along with dosage and Rx numbers. You can also take advantage of the pharmacy’s loyalty program.

You can earn $10 gift cards for each order by transferring your prescription. There are many chain stores for this program including CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens and more.

Scan your receipts

When you are using cash-back apps that enable you to scan the physical receipts or upload a digital receipt with your phone, you can earn rewards such as money or gift cards. Even though the type of receipts is different for every app, you can scan it from grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations.

There are couple of apps that pay you for taking a picture of a receipts for everything you buy such as

–   InboxDollars will reward you for the items you buy and scan your receipt

–   Ibotta is the other app that will give you gift cards when you purchase from retailers, movie theaters and restaurants

–   Fetch is also the same as the other apps and you will earn at least 25 points on every receipt you scan

Refer to someone

If you want to earn gift cards and many other rewards, you can enjoy referral programs. What you will do is send new customers to businesses, but the person should sign up for the service you are recommending. There is a wide range of companies that will reward you with gift cards or other deals per referral, some of them are listed below

–       PayPal has $10

–       Payoneer has $25

–       Robinhood has up to $200 in gift stock

–       Chase bank has $50 

–       ShareASale has $150

You can enjoy these available referral offers to get rewards.

Perform Survey tasks

Several survey platforms allow you to share your perspective and earn gift cards. You can start by signing up and being a member of one of the legit survey sites such as MyPoints, Survey Junkie, Branded Survey, and more. Survey tasks support businesses in conducting market research for new product releases or updates.

So, you can contribute to online questionnaires and earn points, and later on you can exchange these points for a gift card. This is a fun and easy way to get rewards.

Gift card trading

Gift card trading or selling is another business idea to get an amazing deal. You can resell the gift cards that you receive through different ways on a trusted site like Cardtonic and get your cash.

Some sites sell gift cards 70% off the normal rate, you can take advantage of this by purchasing it at the discount rate and selling it on Reddit.

Some of the companies that will give you a free gift card for stuff you no longer need are amazon, google play, Razer Gold, eBay, iTunes and Walmart. This is also another means of getting a reward.

Win a contest

This is also another approach which is worth trying. Organizations, especially the small ones, give special offers and giveaways to promote their brand and social media account in partnership with influencers.

Most of the time the giveaways include free gift cards and winning such sponsored contests for promotional campaigns is a good option for you to get those gift cards. One of the best places to find these giveaways is Instagram. Be active in social media engagement to participate in such challenges and gain a reward.


The holidays are all about giving, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune doing it. With these 9 Ways To Really Earn Free Gift Cards & Amazing Deals, you can save money on your holiday shopping while still giving your loved ones something special. From shopping with rebates to selling gift cards, there are plenty of ways to save money this holiday season without having to break the bank.

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