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short task sites

As everything is getting easy through digitized ways, working from home has been trending for a while now. Just through the access of some sites and apps on your phone or laptop, you can get through thousands of jobs everyday and choose the ones that you can do or best suits you. Through this blog, we will be sharing the sites that are worth checking for you in order to earn by working from your home. Check out part time work from home jobs by clicking the link.

What types of jobs can you work online

There are many different tasks that you can do in order to earn money online. From as simple as survey filling up to manual tasks around your neighborhood, these various tasks are available on the following sites and you can get through them each by each and choose the one that best works for you to earn more everyday. You can also look into other survey sites in another article.


Even if there could be many choices to make money by doing different things, the first one which is a must for you to check out is Picoworker. Ranging from just taking a survey up to writing a short article, Picoworker provides you a way to make money by completing small tasks to make money. This makes Picoworker a go to site when you want to make money by doing microtasks. 

The special feature of Picoworker is that you can get access to it as long as you are online. If you are looking for a side hustle or to become a full-time employee by doing the various small tasks online, Picoworer offers it all to you. In order to start with Picoworker, you have to go to their site and then create a free account of your own. Then you will feel a small account survey. After that, all you have to do is browse through the various tasks listed and go through the description in order to find the right task for you. The variety of tasks available on Picoworker helps you find what you would be passionate about doing and make money with it as well.

User Testing

User Testing is a platform where you can test websites for companies as a consumer and give them feedback while they pay you. As the site is both for businesses and consumers, you should go to the option that says Get Paid To Test in order for you to get started and earn money. Businesses use this platform in order to test the usability of their website and this provides you with an opportunity to get paid by giving your feedback. 

User Testing is well known for working with big companies as partners which means that you will get the opportunity to work with both small and big companies. User Testing uses video recordings as a response to their feedback question. You will have to record videos while you are navigating through their website and sometimes might as well record your voice. In order for you to test the websites, you don’t need special equipment or devices. User Testing is available worldwide so you can check it out and earn from where you are.


By completing different tasks, you can get prizes on Prize Rebel. Prize Rebel provides a variety of tasks for you to complete such as taking surveys, watching videos, and signing up for free trials. You can browse through the list of tasks and choose the one that fits with you or are interested in doing. By accomplishing these tasks, Prize Robel will reward you points which you can redeem as gift cards, electronics and even cash. What makes Prize Rebel is that most of the tasks are fun and creates the feeling of winning a game while you get points and earn some extra spending money.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk)

As businesses have various types of jobs to be done, they use platforms to reach out to potential workers. mTurk is one of the platforms that they use to reach out and get the jobs done while paying the workers. On mTurk, various types of jobs are available such as transcription jobs, online surveys, and data entry as well for you to choose and make money online. What makes this platform a good one is that you can do the tasks from the comfort of your home.

Even more, you can set your preferred working hours and the available tasks don’t require special knowledge or background. You can sign up and access the jobs right on mTurk. Most users have confirmed that it is one of the platforms that you should check out to work from your comfort zone and make money as well.


InboxDollars is a rewarding site that would pay you to take surveys, redeem cash-back offers, read promotional emails and complete small tasks. InboxDollars is available both on your browser and mobile application. What makes InboxDollars unique is that you get a $5 reward the instant you sign up. If points or rewards don’t satisfy you then InboxDollars might be the right place for you because you can track your earnings in dollars and cents.As you as you sign up, you will be asked a few questions about yourself. After that you get access to a variety of ways for you to get money like surveys, games, shop, magic receipts, offers, searches and referring friends.


Microworkers provide ways for you to make money by doing micro works. The platform provides micro jobs for workers and there is no limit to how many works you can accept and work on. The site is well known for providing lots of available works and it is available worldwide. 

When you get to choose a job, you get to see which countries the job is available in so that you can apply based on the list and your preference. Even If the payment is not high, you can do many tasks and earn more. Microwokers doesn’t have a mobile application but sure does work well on mobile phones.


One of the older platforms known to do some tasks and get extra cash is MyPoints. Through its time, MyPoints has gained an updated and easy to navigate design. If it is your first time, MyPoints might be a bit confusing as it has many choices but that just means you get to earn through many ways. Through the many ways that you can use to earn money, some of them are surveys ,cashback when shopping, deals/offers, games, surfing online, In-store shopping, dining deals, and receipts, BonusMails, referring a friend and so much more. What makes MyPoints special is that it has a variety of rewarding options. One of the downsides is that MyPoints have restrictions on some uses.


Just like the other platforms, TaskRabbit is a platform where you are able to get to do some tasks in order to earn some extra cash. In order to take this action, you are expected to take the jobs that are provided by TaskRabbit clients found in your area. Furthermore, you are expected to go to the physical location of the client. In order for you to get started, you first should get the mobile application. After that you can set up your profile and mention the skills that you can provide. 

One thing that you should notice is that this information should occur in the mobile application and not in their website. The tasks vary and the ones that you fill in will be the ones that will be assigned to you. One downside of this platform is that you have to pay in order to pass their background check which is required for you to apply and get the jobs. The best part is that you can communicate with the client earlier before showing up and get everything clear. 


One of the most popular and biggest survey sites that you should definitely check out is Swagbucks. Survey taking has been the common way which you can use to make some extra money and get your voice/opinion heard as well. As it is well known by companies who want to run surveys, Swagbucks provides you with a lot of opportunities. After signing up on their site, you will find a section named Answer where you can find the surveys. After that, you need to make sure that you are qualified for the surveys that you are signing up for in order for you to fill them and earn. At times, Swagbucks also offers you bonuses in order to get more rewards as well. In addition to surveys, Swagsbucks has additional ways for you to make money. These ways include cash back when shopping, searching the web, watching videos, playing games and so much more which makes Swagbucks worth trying out. 


If you are interested in writing and earning money, then you should check out Rev. Rev is a platform that provides transcription, captioning and translation services to its clients. By signing up, you can access these jobs and earn side money.

As Rev is available worldwide, you can use your knowledge of your local language to do translation and transcription jobs and earn side money from where you are. As soon as you sign in, you will be able to find these jobs as Projects. The payment for each project is stated and you have to know the details of what you are signing for and are expected to do. Once Rev reviews your work and approves it, you will get paid based on the project that you have signed up for. If this sounds good to you then you should check out and earn more by using Rev.

Survey Junkie

As Survey Junkie is the highest rated and most well known paid survey site, it might be a great opportunity for you to make money. Survey Junkie easy-to-use interface makes it an excellent site to start with. The popularity of this site allows you to make more cash as you can get access to more surveys at a time. As you begin you can apply to the surveys and you will be chosen for the ones that you are qualified for. But after a while, as you spend more time on the site, the survey opportunities will improve for you.

What makes Survey Junkie special is that it has low minimum withdrawal which is as low as $5. But as it has a good side the weak spot of Survey Junkie is that it has limited selection of cash out options compared to other sites. If survey filling and earning money on the side seems a great opportunity for you, you should check out Survey Junkie. 


When businesses have small and repetitive tasks, their go to site to share them is Clickworker. This makes Clickworker the micro-task platform that you should definitely check out. Without having to sacrifice quality or service, businesses are allowed to get their micro tasks done efficiently and quickly which gives you the opportunity to choose the ones that you can do and earn money while doing it.


As we have seen above, there are many platforms who are ready to provide you with the opportunities in different sectors. The variety of tasks that you can get through these platforms gives you the chance to choose which one will work for you. From wherever you are, you can work and earn money by doing these small things. Either as a side hustle or a permanent job, you can try and earn money through the platforms listed above from the comfort of your home. So why not give them a shot and see what suits you best.

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