How To Use Tailwind Ghostwriter For Content Creation

How to use Tailwind Ghostwriter

Are you having trouble while creating content? Good news… this article came to the rescue.

Website designers and content producers may easily create interesting and useful blog posts. This article will discuss the advantages of Tailwind Ghostwriter and offer a step-by-step tutorial for incorporating these technologies into your content creation and social media marketing workflows.

What is Tailwind

Generally recognized as one of the best tools for scheduling content on Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind has expanded its feature set in recent years to become one of the most comprehensive marketing platforms.

Tailwind decided to get into the AI tool game with Ghostwriter, its own AI tool following the rise of ChatGPT.

In a nutshell, Tailwind is like having your own marketing team. Originally a Pinterest scheduling tool, they’ve expanded to Instagram scheduling, Facebook scheduling, social media content creation, a link-in-bio tool, email marketing, and their Copilot marketing plan to help you stay on track.

Their latest venture is generating content based on artificial intelligence. Tailwind also offers analytics and reporting tools to help you measure and track your performance. They have a wide range of features and pricing plans to fit any budget or need. Tailwind has quickly become the go-to platform for digital marketers everywhere.

What is Tailwind Ghostwriter

The newest function, called Ghostwriter, is fantastic!

It is an AI marketing and copywriting tool that can produce blog posts, Pin descriptions, Instagram captions, Facebook captions, scripts for videos, write email subject lines, and more. Ghostwriter is already included in Tailwind.

You can even produce compelling copy anywhere you need it (in applications like WordPress, Google Docs, your newsletter provider, and more) because it is a feature of the Tailwind browser extension.

How To Use Tailwind Ghostwriter for Product Descriptions

When it comes to writing product descriptions, Tailwind Ghostwriter is a powerful tool that can help businesses save time and effort. This user-friendly platform provides a seamless experience for generating high-quality descriptions for various Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and other e-commerce products within a second.

To begin using the Tailwind Ghostwriter Product description, you first need to log in to your Tailwind account and navigate to the “Ghostwriter” tab on the left side. 

From there, you can select the product platform that you are going to sell. We can use it for Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and other Product descriptions.

For instance – I am going to make an Amazon product listing about tablet holders..first Let us fill in all specifications of the product. 

  • A product name – It is the name of your product, If you don’t have one, you can generate it in the product name section.
  • Target AudienceAn audience that we want to target
  • Keywords – words that people type in Google to find your product
  • Unique ValueThe thing that makes Your product Special.

After you fill in all information, just click Amazon product listing.

Amazon product listing using tailwind ghostwriter

And then wait for the magic.

Amazon-product description-using tailwind-ghostwriter
Amazon product describe using tailwind ghostwriter

Tailwind Ghostwriter uses advanced algorithms to generate a unique and engaging product title, description, and tags that capture the essence of your product. 

Finally, you can copy the description of your product, and post it to your store. The process for other e-commerce products is the same


How to use a Ghostwriter?

To acquire access to Ghostwriter, It’s easy! Sign up for Tailwind!– Here

After successfully signed up, you will see a dashboard like this below

Tailwind dashboard

Then You inform the Ghostwriter the topic you’re writing about, the marketing objective (whether it’s to persuade people to buy your product or not), the precise keywords you want to include, and a call to action. And in a couple of seconds, Voila! Ghostwriter produces content for you like magic!

How much does it cost?

Ghostwriter is included with all Tailwind plans, although there are different Ghostwriter credits available for each plan.

Totally free for a lifetime: ten credits per month. A monthly subscription of 50 credits is available for Pro subscribers. A monthly credit allocation of 250 credits for advanced users.

Maximum: 500 credits a month.Every time you click the “Generate” button, you use a credit.

 In more detail

Tailwind currently has 4 pricing plans

  • Forever Free:- 20 monthly articles to publish on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest; 20 Tailwind Create posts; 5 Tailwind Communities with 30 monthly submissions; and 10 monthly credits for ghostwriting.·
  • Advanced Plan:- you get two Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook accounts, 1,000 monthly posts, unlimited Tailwind Create posts, unrestricted access to Tailwind Communities, and 250 credits for ghostwriting per month (which is calculated per month) with the Advanced Plan ($19.99/month or $239.88/year).
  • Max plan:- Three Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook accounts, unlimited publishing, limitless Tailwind Create posts, limitless access to Tailwind Communities, and 500 Ghostwriter Credits per month are all included in the Max Plan ($39.99 per month or $479.88 annually).
  • Pro plan:- 200 posts, 200 Tailwind Create posts, 5 Tailwind Communities with 30 submissions, and 50 Ghostwriter Credits are all included in the Pro Plan ($12.99 per month or $155.88 annually).

Ghostwriter Features

With the increasing popularity of podcasts, audiobooks, video content marketing, and e-learning, the demand for voiceover is increasing.

Tailwind ghostwriter dashboard

  • Social – With the use of Tailwind Ghostwriter. you have the ability to create captivating and engaging social media captions, posts, and titles.
  • Video -Whether you need an outline for a YouTube video or topic ideas. the ghostwriter tool will generate them with just one click.
  • Email – The tool is capable of generating both the subject line for an email and a high quality body for the email.
  • Blog -It generates a complete and quality article.

How to use a Ghostwriter for Pinterest?

Create a Ghostwriter account: In order to utilize Ghostwriter for Pinterest, you must create a Ghostwriter AI account and choose a pricing option that grants you access to Ghostwriter Tailwind.

Connect your Pinterest account: After creating an account with Ghostwriter, you’ll need to link it to Ghostwriter Tailwind. You may accomplish this by signing in to Ghostwriter Tailwind with your Pinterest account and approving the connection.

Create your content: After linking your Pinterest account, you can begin utilizing Ghostwriter AI to produce material. While Tailwind Create can assist you in creating captivating graphics and photos for your pins, Ghostwriter AI can develop excellent captions and descriptions for your Pinterest pins.

All you have to do is select the type of content you want to generate, the keyword you want to include and call to action.

Here is one example of my Pinterest pin with informational content type, keyword “work from home jobs” and call to action ” follow us”.

Once your content has been written, you can use Tailwind to plan your pins so that they will appear on Pinterest at the most advantageous times. In order to increase your pins’ reach and engagement, Tailwind optimize the frequency and timing of your pins.

Analyze your Pinterest data and follow your performance using Tailwind after your pins have been published. Tailwind offers thorough analytics and insights to assist you in understanding the performance of your content and pinpointing areas for development.


The particular Ghostwriter strategy that works best for Pinterest depends on your goals and financial situation. The Tailwind plans, however, may be your best option if you want to utilize Ghostwriter solely for Pinterest because they are created with social media scheduling and statistics in mind.

The Forever Free plan may meet your needs if you’re just getting started with Pinterest and have a limited number of pins to share each month. However, one of the subscription plans might be a better fit for you if you want to publish more pins and/or manage several social media profiles.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Tailwind is a social media scheduling and analytics tool that is designed to help businesses streamline their social media content creation and publishing process. With Tailwind, businesses can schedule and publish content to their social media accounts, track their performance, and analyze their social media metrics.

The tool offers a range of features, including Tailwind Create for creating visual content, Tailwind Communities for engaging with other users on social media, and Ghostwriter Credits for generating high-quality content using AI.

All things considered,  Tailwind is an effective tool for companies trying to enhance their social media presence and broaden their audience on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. The tool is feature-rich, simple to use, and supported by a team of specialists committed to assisting businesses in their online success.

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