Three Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO (2021)

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free keyword research tools

Keyword research is the pillar of  SEO. It’s impossible to find high-quality keywords with low competition if you don’t know where to look.

For SEO purposes, you need to know which words and phrases people are using when they search for things online. You can then optimize your content around those keywords to improve your rankings.

This is the first step in keyword research: finding the right tools.

If you want to get organic traffic to your blog or to become an SEO expert, you must have a full understanding of keyword is not difficult as you think if you use the right keyword tool.

Keyword search tools are necessary in order to rank higher on search is a pillar to optimize content inside your website and helps you to get organic traffic to your blog


It is a phrase or words that people type on google to search for what they if you put the right keywords on your content that exactly people are looking for, you will have a chance to get on the first page on google. this increases organic traffic to your blog.

There are factors that determine keyword rank, these are

  1. how many people are searching for the given keyword-search volume
  2. how many publishers use that keyword to create their content-its competition

It is best practice to choose high search volume with low competition keywords.


It is a tool that reveals the data about a specific keyword volume, its competition, its difficulty to rank, and its overall performance on appearance.

it provides detailed information about search rankings, keyword visibility, organic click-through rates, and many other metrics. The Keyword Research feature allows you to research phrases and keywords related to your business or blog. 

There are so many keyword tools that are free and paid. if you have a tight budget not to afford the paid tool, There are some free keyword research tools that help you rank higher in search engines.


Keyword Surfer is a powerful free chrome extension helps me a lot to uncover keywords search volumes directly in Google search results

  • It shows selected keywords and their related keyword Search volume on google autopilot.
  • If you are running a Google AdWords campaign, you could figure out how much it will cost per click to run your campaign.


 type a keyword like “affiliate marketing” on shows the search volume of affiliate marketing with a cost per click and its keyword suggestion search volume on google autopilot.

keyword surfer google autopilot

With keyword surfer, you can also see

  • The monthly traffic for domains in specific countries that appear on google search 
  • number of exact keywords for specific page
  • number of words for a specific page
  • On the right side, it generates keywords ideas that are similar to the given keyword with similarity percent and search volume

surfer tool


Web Fx is another free tool that lists related keywords that people are searching for more. It also offers a very good keyword research tool, which helps to find the right keywords for your website..

To get started, simply go to WebFX and sign up for a free account. Create your account and you’ll be able to start using the tool within minutes. Once you’re in, you’ll be able to download your keywords data or use their handy little interface to find.


Type starting keyword like ‘affiliate market’ and click the search button

web fx

It displays keywords  in three forms

  • Best performing related Keywords
  • Questions on the given keyword
  • Modifiers

display web fx

This site enables you to find exactly what their audience is looking for, has been developed for people of all backgrounds.


Answer The Public provide data on what people ask on specific topic.

  • list all questions that relate to your keyword that people are asking about. This helps you to write good content that answers people’s questions about your topic.
  • Keyword suggestion
  • Comparison related to your keyword


After you type a keyword, it displays like this


answer qu


You will get all questions that people ask in your niche on a particular keyword.


Ubersuggest is a free online tool that will help you get best performing keywords based on its demand and competition.

It is somewhat different from other tools, it Shows detailed keyword statistics, keywords ideas, keyword lists, and content ideas.


These are parameters that used to analyze your keyword

keyword stats

indicate its difficulty to rank and how much it cost if we run google ad

Search volume – the number of searches a specific keyword has in a month shows how often a keyword phrase is searched per month. It can give you an idea of how popular a topic used to determine the value of a keyword. Basically, the more people search for something, the more likely they are to make money off of it.

SEO difficulty – means how difficult to rank on a specific keyword. the higher number the more difficult it is to rank.

Paid difficulty – competition in paid traffic

Cost per click – how much it will cost per click if we run google ad

uber sugg

Keyword ideas

shows related keywords with detailed analysis like the above parameters.

It also lists related keywords in form of questions, prepositions, and comparisons.

uber key ideas

Content ideas

lists titles show up in google search which contains a particular keyword. you can see estimated visits and backlinks on listed webpages.

uber content


SEO is a confusing and complicated topic that most businesses struggle to master. If you’re looking for an affordable and effective way to help your website rank better online, we recommend taking advantage of one of the free tools we’ve mentioned in this article. We hope our recommendations can help you find success with your online marketing efforts!

If you have used any other useful tools that we should include in our list, please share them with us in the comments below!

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  1. Very insightful. Ask the public is it for me. Will give it a shot. I personally do not fancy Ubersuggest.

    Have your worked with keywords having 0 search volume before? And how did that work for you?

    1. sometimes it happen but ubersuggest has many important features that will give you direction on which keyword you have to focus.
      you can use mangools seo tool. They have seven day free trial without creditcard and it worths.

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